Donuts workshop for architect children's during Hanuka holiday
The children's decorated sugar dough Donuts and colorful additions
and took some cute pictures from our special pop-up photo booth

Lecture and dinner in our showroom
New technologies in the construction industry by Ori Aphek -Founder and Chief Product Officer at Siteaware

Family day

15.02.2018 family day

Kids-parents cooking workshop

women's day 2018

11.03.2018 women's day

Marking women's day we gathered – female architects and special clients to hear some Inspiring personal stories from an amazing group of women that are a part of our family.

bulthaup culinary academy

Hosting "machneyuda" restaurant in an architects event in our culinary academy

fresh paint event 2016

Fresh Paint contemporary art fair is Israel’s largest, most influential annual art event. The fair is held each year in a surprising, new location in Tel Aviv – the beating heart of the Israeli cultural world, and attracts over 30,000 visitors. The fair brings together leading Israeli galleries and significant forces of the Israeli art scene, collaborates with all the Israeli museums, and enjoys the support of leading international art institutions. The fair’s visitors enjoy presentations of the nation’s top galleries, promising emerging galleries and the unique Greenhouse - showcasing the works of select, independent Israeli artists. While following the formula of professional art fairs around the world, Fresh Paint is unique in its role as a launch pad for the careers of up-and-coming, unrepresented artists. The fair’s community projects and fund-raising activities benefit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and several other nonprofit organizations. Fresh Paint contemporary art fair is an extraordinary opportunity to get to know the energetic Israeli art scene.

In 2016 bulthaup tlv collaborated with the Fresh Paint contemporary art fair, and gave her architects a chance to enter the fair first to the wide audience – we welcomed them with an early cocktail at our showroom.

architectural sketch event 2016


Our traditional Shavuot event – every year we celebrate with our architects the holiday.
One of the Holiday customs is eating dairy foods and wearing white – a very visible feature in the event.

architects activity

Architects express

Imagination, inspiration and creativity are forever intertwined in our daily work routine with architects and designers.
Together, we create for each and every customer, the realization of their dream.
Therefore, we need to stimulate our imaginations, seek sources of inspiration and proceed to the creation.
All aspects of the planning architect's point of view are an endless source of inspiration and all we have to do is provide them the platform and tools for fulfillment.

Bulthaup by me

"Bulthaup by me" is a unique photography project, born from the desire to look at Bulthaup kitchens through the eyes of those that plan them - the architects and designers.
We asked them to choose one Bulthaup kitchen that they designed, and through it - express themselves, their sources of inspiration and the associations related to kitchens in general and the photographed kitchen in particular.
Here are the results.

a day at the playground by Neuman Hayner architects

a feast of life by Tal Tamir

between the hidden and the visible by Israelevitz architects

between the lines by Blumenfeld Moore architecture

bubbles by Anat Gay

daydreaming by Eran binderman

gentleman's quarterly - cool blue by Zvi Gersh

kitchen atelier by Meital Salomon design

la dolce vita by Oded Lavy architects

ladies and everything in between by Tehila Shelef

live sketch by Hameatzvot

magic powder by Gali Amit

natures elements by Michal Han

ocean breeze aspiration by Brosh Alon design

philharmonic games by Daniel Hasson

revelation by Dana oberson

sand beige is the new champagne by Lilach lev gergir

tea time party by dorit Sela

the joy of giving back by Gal Marom

vineyard fragrance by Sari gurstein bahar

white obsession by Lilach moraver

wild nature by Niva Laichter